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Emergency Services | Ozone Superspeciality Hospital Akola

Emergency Services

24x7 Emergency Care...

Emergency Department is an important entry point for those patients who approach our hospital in emergency.

Our Emergency Department (casualty ward) is fully equipped medical treatment facility specializing in emergency medicine, we are geared up 24x7 we save the golden hours of critical importance for the patients who approach our casualty ward in emergency, there after following treatment by the concerned specialists.

Our Emergency Department provide initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and require immediate attention.



Call for Ambulance

Share your location on Whatsapp for quick response


Emergency Services

Call our emergency team and get assistance

Help us understand the condition of the patient, co-operate with the attending RMO on the phone, it might help you giving first aid before reaching the hospital  

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