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For Soothing Your Breath...

Asthma is a pulmonary (lungs) condition and is a major reason for pulmonary disorder in which your airways narrow and swell, resulting in production of extra mucus, making it difficult to breathe. Asthma can start off as being just a minor problem in some people, while in others; it can result in life-threatening Asthma attacks.

Symptoms: Wheeze, Cough, Phlegm, Breathlessness, Chest tightness.

Other allergic symptoms: Sneezing, Blocked or running nose, Sore Throat, Itchy skin with or without lesions, Itchy eyes.

Diagnosis: X-Ray Chest PA, X- Ray Para Nasal Sinus, CBC (Complete Blood Count), Spirometry (PFT), Allergic skin prick testing, Blood testing for allergy, Spirometry, 6-minute walk test.

The airways are tubes that transmit air in and out of the lungs. Individuals who have asthma have engorged airways. The inflammation causes the airways to swell and makes it very sensitive. The airways have a tendency to respond strongly to certain inhaled substances.

When the airways react, the muscles around them stiffen. This shrinks the airways, causing lesser inflow of air into the lungs. As a result, all body cells suffer from lack of oxygen. The inflammation also can aggravate, causing the airways to narrow further. Reduction in diameter of airways causes a musical sound in the chest called ‘WHEEZE’.

Cells in the airways might create increased amount of mucus. Mucus is a sticky secretion that can additionally constrict the airway passage. The outcome of this chain reaction could be asthma and all the below mentioned symptoms can occur every time the airways are swollen.

Ozone Superspeciality Hospital’s top-ranked Pulmonary Medicine Division diagnoses and treats more than 1,000 adults and children with lung (pulmonary) and sleep disorders each year. People with serious and complex medical challenges related to the lungs and breathing find the answers they need from our pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine specialists.

The division is one of the largest, most diverse, comprehensive and well-respected pulmonology and critical care practices in the Maharashtra. It includes more than 10 experts in pulmonary disease, lung disease due to smoking, chemical fumes reaction, sleep disorders and critical care.

Collaborative care, focused on you

Our pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine doctors work closely with other Ozone Superspiciality Clinic specialists and allied health professionals to provide exactly the care you need - effective, coordinated, comprehensive. Depending on your situation, our pulmonary medicine team might consult with experts in thoracic surgery; critical care; sleep medicine; pediatric sleep medicine; lung cancer; radiology; radiation oncology; pathology; ear, nose and throat (otorlaryngology); rheumatology; allergy and immunology; neurology; lung transplant; or others as needed. This tradition of collaboration helps ensure your doctor develops an individualized treatment plan that considers your needs and all aspects of your condition.

In addition, our doctors are rapidly advancing and adapting the practice of pulmonary and critical care medicine through a network of virtual consultations and opinions from affiliated institutions worldwide.

In addition, Ozone Superspeciality Hospital’s Health System Camps, together with local rural support serve more than 60 villages in Akola, and neighboring districts. These efforts bring Ozone Superspeciality Hospital’s pulmonary, critical care and sleep disorders services accessible to the remotest of local communities.


Ozone Superspeciality Hospital’s Pulmonary Medicine Department is ranked among the Best Hospital’s for pulmonology in Maharashtra.

Research and innovation that improves your care

Our pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine physicians are committed to improving the care of people with diseases and conditions that affect the lungs and breathing. They are at the forefront of innovation in advanced diagnostic and treatment technology, including minimally invasive techniques that have been shown to reduce pain and recovery time.

Our physicians have developed innovations in bronchoscopy lung volume reduction. This procedure helps people experiencing disorders related to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Only a few centers in Maharashtra offer this treatment.

Another advance in endoscopy used by the pulmonary medicine team is robotic-assisted bronchoscopy, which offers better precision and control for pulmonologists biopsying tissue in or near the airway that might be lung cancer. This technique decreases the time from diagnosis to treatment. Ozone Superspeciality Hospital is also one of the first medical centers to offer people with complex central airway stenosis customized airway stents.

Your Care Team !


Dr. Samir Lote

M. B. B. S., D. N. B. Chest

Consultant Pulmonologist


Dr. Sagar Thote

M. B. B. S., D. N. B. Chest

Consultant Pulmonologist

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